Adam Levy - Dizzy Bird

Anderson East - Chimera Amp and Tall Bird Reverb

Anton Belov - Monarch Reverb Combo

Alan Hampton - Andrew Bird - Gnostic and B15N

Bryan Brown - Jillian Jaqueline - Chimera and Tall Bird

Chris Funk - The Decemberists/ Black Prairie Monarch Amp, Tall Bird Reverb, Vinny

Casey Foubert - Sufjan Stevens - Monarch Amp

Charity Theilan - The Head and the Heart - Monarch Amps and Tall Bird Reverb

Charlie Stavish - Ryan Adams - Gnostic Head and Benson 15N

Colin Meloy - The Decemberists - Vinny

Daniel Phelps - Monarch Amp, Chimera Amp, Tall Bird

David Bazan - Monarch Reverb Combo, Vinny

Dean Sharp - Composer/Sound Design Bard College Dance Dept - Monarch Amp

Dillan Witherow - Witherow- Monarch Amp

Elliott Jackson - Deep Sea Diver, Meat Hair - Chimera Reverb Combo

Etienne Joly - Chimera Amp, Tall Bird

Ian Krist - Blind Pilot - Monarch Amp + Tall Bird

Israel Nebeneker - Blind Pilot - Earhart Amp + Tall Bird

Jason Martin -Starflyer 59, Lo Tom - Monarch Reverb Combo

Jay Leonard - Monarch Amp, Chimera Amp

Jessica Dobson - Deep Sea Diver - Chimera Combo

Jo Mahieu - Monarch Amp + Vinny

Josh Smith - Tall Bird Reverb

Katie Sawicki - The Cabin Project - Monarch Reverb Combo

Kris Doty - Modern Kin - Sallie Ford - Gnostic Head 

Kyle Hunt - The Black Angels - Tall Bird Reverb, Chimera Reverb Combo

Mason Stoops - Monarch and Tall Bird

Michael Mogis - Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk - Chimera, Tall Bird, Monarch Amp

Michael Parker - Pickwick - Monarch Amp

Michael Pope - Bethel Music - Chimera Amp

Peter Lalish - Lucius, Uni Ika ai - Chimera Amp, Monarch Reverb Combo

Phillip Meneses - Randy Jackson/ The Band Perry/ Justin Bieber/ Nick Carter/ Backstreet Boys - Chimera Amp

Ryan Adams - Chimera, Tall Bird, Vinny

Scott Mills - Colony House - Chimera and Tall Bird

Trevor Menear - Dawes - Tall Bird Reverb

Tim Hansoreth - Brandi Carlile - Tall Bird Reverb

Vanessa Wheeler - Vava - Dizzy Bird and Cabinet

Yuuki Matthews - The Shins/ David Bazan - Gnostic Head and Benson 15N Cabinet