Official Benson Kemper Profile Pack


Official Benson Kemper Profile Pack


Includes official profiles of the Monarch, Earhart, Chimera, prototype Monarch, Vinny, Vinny > Chimera (FUZZ), and Gnostic bass amp, all developed and approved by Mr. Benson himself. 


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Prototype Monarch Dark, Prototype Monarch Bright,  Monarch Balanced,  Monarch British (Bright),  Monarch American (Dark),  Earhart Bright,  Earhart Dark,  Earhart Balanced,  Vinny Bright,  Vinny Dark,  Chimera Bright,  Chimera Dark,  Chimera Balanced,  Vinny driving Chimera, Gnostic

It seems like you'd be the last person in the world who would create release Kemper profiles for your own products, isn't it self-defeating?  Aren't people going to not buy the amps now?  Wasn't it you who called it the Tone Bandit 4000?

Well, yeah.  Realistically though, this isn't the same as buying and owning an amp.  Kemper creates a rough facsimile of the tone of the amps but this is not the real deal/real experience, obviously.  But for players who utilize Kempers for the convenience or stage requirements and need the sound of a Monarch or Chimera etc, these profiles will be useful.

The truth is, since people started coming out with decent Kemper profiles of my work, more people have bought the actual amps since they get exposed to how they sit in a mix, and how they compress and distort (again, ROUGHLY).  When people switch to the actual amps from Kemper I get emails like:

"Chris I have no words.  I just picked up the amp.  Now I know why you did not want to profile it.  I have played a lot of very expensive amps and I am telling you I have never experienced an amp like yours"

So I'm not THAT worried.

So, anyways, here's a profile pack I made in my studio.   These are the sounds that I find useful and representative of what the amps do. Enjoy!  Please don't be a pirate!