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We have a great track far out of 1000+ builds we have had a few amps actually fail from a non-tube related issue.  Our goal is to buid amps that last multiple lifetimes, but sometimes stuff goes wrong.

.As of April 2nd, 2015, we offer a 2 year warranty excluding tubes, damage from tube failure and abuse/modification.  It is the customer’s responsibility to pay to ship the product to us, and if it determined the warranty doesn’t apply according to the preceding conditions, the customer is also responsible for the return shipping.  If the product is a warranty repair we cover the return shipping.  Non-warranty repairs will be billed at 60/hr plus parts and labor.

Any amps ordered before April 2nd, 2015 are grandfathered into the limited lifetime warranty we previously offered.  Why have we stopped offering the limited lifetime warranty?  Simply, Chris doesn’t want people bringing him their amps to fix when he’s 85.  If you think you qualify for a warranty get in touch below.  Thanks!


We try to answer every single email we receive within one business day.  Your message is important to us.  But sometimes wires get crossed ya know.  If you don't hear back it was unintentional so please try again.

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